A video has emerged showing an unarmed Ukrainian defender who, after being captured by Russian aggressors, was shot dead after shouting the phrase “Glory to Ukraine!” This act of cruelty is yet another example of military crimes and absurdity committed by the Russian regime, which they attempt to whitewash through their propaganda and myths. We demand that those responsible be held accountable for this war crime and pay tribute to the memory of this defender who gave his life for his country. Glory to Ukraine!

New horrific video reveals Russian military crime and absurdity of the regime.

Recently, a horrific video has emerged showing Russian aggressors killing a Ukrainian defender who was captured by them. The defender stands unarmed and smoking when a voice off-camera says, “Film him.” In his last moments, he shouts “Glory to Ukraine!” and then there is the sound of a burst of gunfire, and he falls to the ground, bleeding.

This act of cruelty and absurdity is yet another example of how the Russian regime cultivates military crimes and whitewashes them through their propaganda and myths about “Nazis.” Such actions have no justification and reflect the low level of morality and humanity of those who committed this crime.

We demand that those who committed this war crime be held accountable for their actions. We cannot allow such injustice and abuse of innocent people. May the memory of this defender live in our hearts, and may his soul find peace in God’s grace.

“And the time will come when one will say: Glory to Ukraine! And millions will respond: Glory to the heroes!” (Stepan Bandera)