Metropolitan Epiphanius, the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU), has issued a heartfelt plea to the public to halt the violence and bloody aggression imposed on Ukraine by Russia. In his address on the occasion of International Children’s Day and World Parents’ Day, Metropolitan Epiphanius emphasized the cruelty inflicted upon Ukrainian children and their families by the Russian military aggression.

He acknowledged that every Ukrainian child has suffered the consequences of this military aggression, witnessing horrifying crimes and becoming victims of violence, while losing loved ones and the happiness of family life. The Metropolitan called on the Christian world and all people of goodwill to join efforts in stopping this inhumane tragedy.

A Call for International Support to End the Inhumanity

There is not a single Ukrainian child who has not suffered in some way due to the Russian military aggression. They have been killed, tortured, violated, mutilated, abducted, disappeared without a trace, forcibly displaced, living on foreign soil, in unfamiliar homes, among strangers. Many of them have lost their loved ones, parents, siblings, friends. They have endured severe psychological trauma, living in constant risk, anxiety, sirens, explosions, and gunfire.

Russia has stolen childhood from Ukrainian children. It forcefully, mercilessly, and ruthlessly robbed them of their innocence. It must be held accountable under divine law and all human laws for these acts. It is not just the children that the bloody Russia has harmed. It has mercilessly mocked their parents, depriving them of the ability to provide their children with the basic need for safety. Instead of joyful children’s smiles and peaceful family evenings, we have tears, pain, fear, and forced separation.

Today, as the global community observes International Children’s Day and World Parents’ Day, I want to once again appeal to the entire Christian world and all people of goodwill to help us stop this satanic animosity, this inhuman massacre committed by Russia, which cruelly, openly, and purposefully terrorizes and kills peaceful Ukrainians.

Every day, I pray to God for His protection, mercy, and compassion for the children and their parents. May the Lord bless and protect every Ukrainian child, every Ukrainian family!

Metropolitan Epiphanius
Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU)