The head of the Public Organization of the Blessed Metropolitan Mefodiy Memory Fund calls on the Ukrainian government to protect the national spiritual heritage and shrines from the illegal activities of the Moscow Patriarchate’s UOC. The author emphasizes that this concerns every Ukrainian and calls on all of us to fight for the preservation of our cultural heritage and dignity.

Unacceptable behavior of the UOC-MP: the authorities must act decisively

Dear Ukrainians,

As the head of the Public Organization of the Blessed Metropolitan Mefodiy Memorial Fund, I am deeply saddened by the situation surrounding the Pochayiv and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavras. These sanctuaries are not only important architectural landmarks for our historical and spiritual heritage, but they also symbolize our national identity.

We all know that the UOC-MP received the Lavra buildings and structures in the past, but failed to comply with the contractual terms that provide for the possibility of their termination due to improper maintenance, illegal construction, and other violations. Currently, as a result of the work of interdepartmental working groups, 36 illegal new buildings have been identified on the territory of the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra alone, which are commercial and administrative premises. The abbot of the Pochayiv Lavra, located in Ternopil region, has prohibited representatives of the state commission from entering its territory, instead turning to the court and refusing any negotiations. The public demonstration of ultimatums to the authorities by the UOC-MP and deliberate violations of Ukrainian laws should be evaluated by law enforcement agencies, and individuals who violate our legislation should be held criminally responsible in accordance with the law.

Such behavior by representatives of the UOC-MP is unacceptable and disrespectful to our state and its laws. It also undermines the trust of citizens in the Church, which should serve the people and comply with the laws of the country in which it exists.

I call on all Ukrainians to support the work of state bodies that are trying to restore order and legality on the territory of Ukrainian Lavras. We must protect our historical heritage and national identity, as well as ensure compliance with the laws in our country.

Such behavior by representatives of the UOC-MP is unacceptable and violates our people’s rights to holy places, which should be preserved as part of our national heritage. Therefore, I call on the government to take decisive action and halt the activities of subversive representatives of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine, as well as continue to expose collaborators in robes, these fanatics of the Russian world, in order to stop the dangerous activities of agents of the ROC in Ukraine on behalf of the enemy. We must protect our cultural heritage and dignity, and this concerns every Ukrainian.

I would like to emphasize that as a public organization, we will continue to stress the need to preserve our national spiritual heritage, protect our people’s rights to holy places, and fight against any attempt to illegally use them.

Let our actions be aimed at protecting the spiritual centers of Ukrainian Orthodoxy, which are symbols of our national identity, such as the Pochayiv and Kyiv-Pechersk Lavras. We must make every effort to preserve these spiritual places of power for future generations. At the same time, we must also focus on the development of cultural and religious freedom in Ukraine and support dialogue between different confessions and religious communities. This will help preserve our national heritage and strengthen the unity of our people.

Chair of the Public Organization of the Blessed Metropolitan Mefodiy Memorial Fund
Natalia Shevchuk

Source – Фонд пам’яті Блаженнішого Митрополи…