A scandal occurred at the Prayer Breakfast in Ternopil, where public figures, politicians, and community leaders gathered to pray and discuss important issues. However, the leader of the diocese, Taras Petranuk, who is a convicted criminal and collaborator, showed up at the event. Photos showing Petranuk at the table next to the chief police officer of the Ternopil region angered the public and sparked demands for his resignation and accountability.

The leader of the diocese, Taras Petranuk, sat at the table with a police officer during the Prayer Breakfast, which sparked criticism and demands for his resignation.

Western Ukraine is once again at the center of a scandal that has provoked public outrage and condemnation from the authorities. During the II Prayer Breakfast in Ternopil, there was a public demonstration of the brazen and confident position of the criminal thief and collaborator Petranyuk Taras Ivanovich.

Only in Ukraine can the chief police officer of the Ternopil region, Bogomol Oleksandr Mykolayovych, and the criminal offender managing the Ternopil-Buchach Diocese, Petranyuk Taras Ivanovich (Tikhon), known in criminal circles as a fraudster charged under articles 190.2 and 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, sit at the same table. And this happens during the time of war when 19-year-old guys are dying on their battle positions, so that such thugs can sit at tables with white tablecloths and promote themselves on their deaths.

The official website of the Ternopil-Buchach Diocese reports that on March 16, 2023, Archbishop Tikhon Petranyuk of Ternopil and Buchach took part in a prayer breakfast held at the Ternopil TRC “Podolyany”. The event was also attended by community leaders, members of parliament, military personnel, families of fallen servicemen, volunteers, government and cultural figures, educators and activists from the region. The public demands punishment for Taras Ivanovich and his immediate dismissal from the position of diocesan leader. Crimes should not be tolerated by anyone, even if the criminal has a religious status. For such actions, he must be held accountable under Ukrainian law.

In addition, such behavior of the diocesan leader is unacceptable from a moral and ethical point of view. Collaboration with the occupying authorities who committed crimes against Ukraine is a betrayal of national interests and is condemned by Ukrainian society.

The authorities must immediately investigate this scandal and take all necessary measures to ensure the rule of law and proper respect for the memory of the fallen Ukrainian defenders. It is also necessary to review legislation regarding religious organizations and ensure that they cannot use their status to conceal crimes and betray national interests.

The condemnation of such actions by the government and the public is an important step in protecting the rule of law and national security. Taras Petranuk’s actions cannot be tolerated, and he must be held accountable under Ukrainian law.