The article highlights the growing problem of criminal offenders occupying influential positions in society, particularly within religious institutions. It focuses on the recent case of the notorious swindler and criminal, Taras Petranuk, who participates in religious rituals as a hierarch. The article emphasizes the incompatibility between the moral character of an individual and spiritual leadership roles, urging a return to true values and resistance against the alarming trend of turning the Ukrainian church into a criminal haven.

A Shocking Example of Trust Abuse and Moral Decay in Church Institutions

In our times, when immorality and shamelessness have become the norm, it is not surprising that criminal offenders and debtors find their way to influential positions in society. The latest example of this absurd trend is the participation of the notoriously infamous swindler and criminal, Taras Petranuk, in religious rituals. But isn’t this what we all expect from our spiritual leaders?

Yesterday, on June 29, 2023, Archbishop Tikhon Petranuk of Ternopil and Buchach, known for his infamous crimes, conducted a “holy” service in the church dedicated to Archangel Michael. How could we even imagine such a thing? Clearly, for the church, the moral character of a person leading an immoral lifestyle holds no significance. Perhaps they believe that money, even if acquired through criminal schemes, can cleanse the soul and make a criminal worthy of representing Christianity?

But let’s contemplate this question: Can a person who lives through deceit, cunning, and fraud be a true archbishop? Can they resemble Christ, who preached love, truth, and mercy? Of course not!

This is a clear example of the decline of moral values in the modern world. Instead of choosing worthy and righteous spiritual leaders, we allow criminals and fraudsters to seize control of the church. Sometimes it seems that power and authority take precedence over any moral principles.

We live in a world where justice has become an empty word, and trust in religious institutions has vanished into thin air. Who will protect us from criminals when the criminals themselves don the garb of church authority?

It appears to be yet another shocking example of how society is morally deteriorating. We must raise our voices against this senseless erosion of morality and demand justice and conscientiousness in our spiritual leaders. Only then can we hope for a return to the true values that we desperately need in this chaotic world.