The city of Kherson, amidst New Year celebrations, witnessed a harrowing event that shattered the innocence of its youngest residents. On the final day of 2023, Russian terrorists, without warning, took the life of 11-year-old Gleb Fedyuk, firing upon unsuspecting streets where children played. This tragic incident, resulting in Gleb’s immediate death and leaving another 9-year-old with a severe brain injury, exposes the devastating reality of Russia’s war on children.

Innocence Lost: A Tragic End to 2023 as Russian Shelling Targets Unprepared Streets

With the onset of the new year, the city of Kherson bore witness to a horrifying event that shattered the innocence of the very young. On the last day of 2023, Russian terrorists claimed the life of 11-year-old Gleb Fedyuk, firing upon streets where no one expected danger.

The tragedy unfolded as one of the Russian projectiles struck near a store where children were playing, leading to Gleb’s immediate demise. Another 9-year-old child currently resides in the hospital, grappling with a severe brain injury.


Gleb, a talented student in the piano department of School of Arts No. 1 in Kherson, had a brilliant future ahead.

However, Russia wages war on children – a devastating reality that kills.

With sympathy and condemnation for this senseless act of violence, we express our condolences to Gleb’s family. May this tragedy serve as a call for the global community to halt the terrorist actions of the Russian Federation, causing extensive loss of life, especially among those least able to defend themselves – the children of Ukraine.