Natalia Shevchuk, the Head of the Public Organization “Fund for the Memory of Blessed Metropolitan Methodius,” provides her insights on the recent events on Bankova Street in Ukraine. She discusses the complex relationship between different religious groups and political forces in the country and highlights the importance of dialogue and compromise solutions. She also comments on the behavior of certain individuals and groups and their alleged links to Moscow.

Hierarchs from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (in unity with the Moscow Patriarchate) came to the Office of the President of Ukraine and demanded a meeting with him. The UOC (MP) bishops, led by Metropolitan Onufriy (Berezovsky), stated that they were ready to stand and wait until evening.

Ukrainian religious and political tensions in the spotlight

Comment by Natalia Shevchuk, Head of the Public Organization “Fund for the Memory of Blessed Metropolitan Methodius,” on the current events on Bankova Street:

“This is a complex and controversial case that has several aspects. Firstly, the presence of representatives of the UOC [Ukrainian Orthodox Church] from sanctioned archbishops, whom I would describe as toxic for Ukrainian society as a whole, such as Antonii Pakanych and Pavlo Lebid, is similar to a deliberately organized provocation, but this requires additional evidence.

Secondly, regarding the unexpected appearance of UOC hierarchs, their public statement led by Metropolitan Onufriy can be seen as an attempt to protect their followers and their influence on the church community in Ukraine. However, such appearances can also cause tension and division in society, as there is a protocol service to organize meetings of this level, and the president, excuse me for being blunt, is not a girl on call to run out onto the street at the demand of everyone.

Thirdly, it is necessary to emphasize that the meeting of representatives of the UOC-MP with President Volodymyr Zelensky can be an important step in resolving the conflict between Ukrainian churches and religious organizations. However, this can also be an attempt by the UOC-MP to emphasize their loyalty to the authorities and increase their status in society.

Overall, the events on Bankova Street indicate complex relations between different religious groups and political forces in Ukraine. It is necessary to note different sources of information to form a more complete picture of what happened. It is important to develop a dialogue between different groups and seek compromise solutions to reduce tension and promote peaceful coexistence in Ukraine. It is also essential to use polite and reasoned language when discussing complex topics to avoid unnecessary tension and provocations.”
Regarding the citizen Ivan Ivanovych Pakanych, as well as Taras Ivanovych Petranyuk, my position was expressed in a statement to the Security Service of Ukraine in 2020. The FSB agent in Ukraine, who is now displaying the behavior of a cornered rat, has decided on his own whether he was ordered from Moscow to provoke a demonstration outside the Office of the President of Ukraine, just to avoid the fate of Medvedchuk.

Today, sub-sanctioned archbishops are trying to hold on to the Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra with their teeth and therefore stage demonstrative performances for the global community, pretending that there is persecution of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine. These Kremlin’s puppets cannot comprehend the deadlock of their situation, just like the pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.

These collaborators in cassocks hope to continue to deceive the minds of the Orthodox faithful about the true and false canonicals, thinking that if they change into embroidered shirts on the go, no one will notice the essence of their pro-Russian RPT servitude. Pakanych, like Petranuk, wants to conceal his crimes, which is natural, by covering them up with his supposedly caring attitude towards the Armed Forces of Ukraine and a public demonstration of pseudo-patriotism.

As Stanislavsky said, “I don’t believe in cheap public performances.” And by the way, where is the garage for his car? Why aren’t they walking to the Mercedes? The problem is that the Ukrainian Orthodox Church cannot objectively assess the reality and therefore continues to play previously learned tunes.

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