Experience the grandeur of cultural heritage through the performance of the unique CREDO Choir, revealing musical masterpieces and forgotten composers in the light of a grant project. Immerse yourself in history and spirituality through the video work by Solovey Production and the research of scholar Katerina Tokalo.

A Unique Choral Ensemble Emerges as an Ambassador of Musical Monuments in a Pivotal Period of Ukrainian History

The unique spiritual realm of the church chamber choir CREDO unfolds in the light of the results of the grant project “Ukrainian Baroque Partitas: Forgotten Composers,” supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Fund. Gazing into a pivotal period of Ukrainian history, the choir becomes an ambassador of musical monuments of spirituality in Lutsk, revealing the grandeur of cultural heritage.


The constancy and spirituality of CREDO’s creativity come to life in the video work by Solovey Production, where art harmonizes with the sophistication of partitas and the Ukrainian Baroque national flavor. Scholar Katerina Tokalo introduces a unique perspective on history and musicology, investing a part of her soul into the exploration of forgotten composers.

CREDO Choir not only performs music but also narrates the story of Ukrainian Baroque through choral singing. With the blessing of Metropolitan Mykhailo Zinkevych and the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund, they transform historical partitas into contemporary masterpieces, highlighting crucial aspects of Ukrainian culture.

We invite your attention to the video work of many people—a spiritual treasury of the national code resonates for you, dear brothers and sisters, performed by the unique choral ensemble CREDO.

Lutsk takes pride in the choral art of CREDO, which becomes an integral part of the cultural guide and heritage of the Ukrainian people.