Prominent statesman Mike Pence was warmly greeted in the heart of Kyiv with numerous expressions of gratitude for the support and friendship from the American people. The Ukrainian people expressed their appreciation for the assistance during the war with the Russian aggressor and emphasized the significance of freedom and democracy.

Ukrainian People Welcome Mike Pence and Emphasize the Importance of Friendship with the United States

Had the opportunity today to greet an esteemed guest from the United States of America in the heart of Kyiv, a renowned statesman, the 48th Vice President of the United States, Mike Pence. On behalf of Ukrainians, expressed gratitude for the support and friendship from the American people, which is crucial to us and especially felt during this time of war with the Russian aggressor.

Shared with Mike Pence the history of the restoration of the Saint Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery, the restoration of our church independence, and also presented the Patriarchal Synodal Tomos on autocephaly. Together with the esteemed guest, we honored the fallen Ukrainian heroes by placing flowers at the Memorial Wall, a memorial on the walls of the Golden-Domed Monastery created in memory of our fallen defenders.

The United States of America is rightly called the land of freedom because this nation highly values freedom and democracy and respects human rights. Today, we, Ukrainians, are fighting for these fundamental values that the aggressor, our northern neighbor, seeks to take away along with our home and the lives of our loved ones.

The Ukrainian people are currently paying a high price for their independence and freedom, both as a nation and spiritually. Therefore, we are deeply grateful that in these challenging times, we are not alone; we have assistance from our friends and partners. With good support, faith, and hope – onwards, to victory! Great God, the One, protect Ukraine for us!