Our soldiers risk their lives every day defending our country and our rights. Their bravery should not be forgotten or underestimated. Let’s come together to help the soldiers who need our support, including Dmytro Lobach from Ternopil who requires extensive rehabilitation and surgeries. Supporting our heroes is our patriotic duty. Ukraine is a country where heroes are never forgotten.

Remembering our heroes: the story of Dmytro Lobach and recognizing the spiritual and material support needed by others

The story of Dmytro Lobach from Ternopil is just one example of how soldiers from different parts of Ukraine need our help. After receiving serious injuries, Dmytro requires extensive rehabilitation and multiple surgeries. This all costs money, which is not always available to soldiers and their families.

Therefore, we must help our heroes. It is our patriotic duty to do everything possible to help those who gave their lives or were injured for our country. Each of us can make a contribution to Dmytro’s rehabilitation and that of other soldiers. Even a small contribution can help in their rehabilitation and in returning our hero to a normal life.

However, help should not be limited to financial assistance. We must also pray for them, be grateful to our soldiers, and remember their bravery. We must honor them and remember how they defend our country.

Author: Head of NGO Nataliia Shevchuk

Source-Fund in memory of His Beatitude Metropolitan Methodius of the UAPC